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G R O U N D I N G   D O W N

Is a BIPOC led wellness brand dedicated to indigenized wellness, ancestral reclamation, and connecting you to your medicines. 

Meet Morgan

Founder & Director of Grounding Down

Morgan is a teacher, healer, and holder of space.

In mid 2020, during the throes of the pandemic, she severed all ties from the corporate wellness industry and birthed her business, Grounding Down. 

Grounding Down houses nearly 100 members in her online yoga community. It's home base for her signature ancestral healing course Be a Better Ancestor, and provides focused 1:1 mentorship for BIPOC entrepreneurs building regenerative enterprises.

With 8 years of decolonial wellness industry experience, 4 years of labor doula work, and thousands of hours of experience under her belt, she is fluent in the language of space holding. 

Initiated as a healer through her indigenous roots, self taught ancestral healing, and studies of  her Mexica medicine lineage, Morgan is passionate about empowering leaders, entrepreneurs, and culture shapers to benefit the next 7 generations.

Welcome to Grounding Down, we've been waiting for you.

"Having the opportunity to practice with and learn from Morgan has been one of the best things to happen to my yoga practice. Morgan's yoga and meditation offerings are authentic and intuitive.

I have deep gratitude and admiration for the love, dedication and wisdom she is putting into ensuring equity, access, truth and justice within the yoga community."

-Celine Wuarin 

Morgan is a gentle, wise and brave soul. 

Through working with her I’ve discovered new depths of energy work in my mind and body. 

My trust in her guidance is complete. 

-Christine Monroe

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