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is a 2 day, accelerated masterclass dedicated to helping you scrape out the spiritual scar tissue in your ancestral money cords and reclaim your intergenerational thriving.

Because if not now, mis amores, when?

Like  generational patterns, money wounds get passed down through families until someone steps up as the healer. These wounds can be feel painful, heavy, and often times invisible without supportive examination.

Ancestral money wounds might look like:

A fear based approach to spending.

"We don't have enough, our resources are always scarce" instinct

Clinging to money

Overspending as a way to self soothe

Equating self worth with how much money you make, or don't make!

Money as a replacement for intimacy and human connection.

Not trusting yourself with money

And while you may think that these patterns are somehow perpetuated and created by you, I'm here to tell you that your money map is directly correlated to your formative years of life. They are related to how much emotional security you received, how present your parents were, and what core language was used in your home growing up. 

You might be really hard on yourself about a certain money pattern you have, and chances are that pattern is an intergenerational symptom of systemic oppression, racism, sexism, white supremacy, and colonialism.

So why heal ancestral money wounds? 

To create a healthier relationship with the flux and flow of money.

To become aware of how money affects you on a physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional level.

To observe and trace how your ancestors related to money, and how that has consciously or unconsciously mapped onto you.

To shed shame, fear, and guilt around finances.

To reclaim the intergenerational thriving for yourself that your ancestors didn't have access to, especially if that access was forcefully taken from them.


Do I need to have ancestral work under my belt for this course?

Although it helps, no! We'll spend some helping you map your lineage and make generational connections, whether you are a seasoned vet or brand new to the game.

Do I have to have a money wound to do this course?

Not at all. This course will be deeply informative to all perspectives, and you do not have to identify as "wounded" to benefit from this community training.

Will this course fix all my money problems?

Nope! I believe that work will take continued integration, self study, and TIME. But it is my intention to furnish your toolbox with loving perspective on where your money wounds are tied up in generational patterning, and shed light on where you are unconsciously perpetuating them in your every day financial decisions.

Your work has a BIPOC focus. Do I have to be BIPOC to take this course?

No. This course is open to all friends and allies who are ready to be a part of a safe and respectful space.

Dates & Time

ANCESTRAL GOLD takes place over 2 days, timing in MST:

Day 1: Monday, September 12, 10- 11:30am

Day 2: Tuesday, September 13, 10-11:30am


All calls will be conducted virtually via zoom. 

Links will be emailed upon registration, and all classes will be recorded.



Ready to Enroll?




All payments are nonrefundable, under any circumstance, as they serve to compensate Grounding Down for the cumulative preparation of course work, as well as support the scholarship funds that Grounding Down makes readily available for high need BIPOC applicants.

I'll see you there! 



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