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Be A Better Ancestor was born out of my own journey of healing painful patterning I was witnessing in my own family. Push came to shove when I started noticing these patterns in my own self, and I knew that if I didn't do anything, these patterns were going to eat me and my descendants alive. 

These patterns look different for everyone, although I see much overlap in the folks who are drawn to this work. Toxic ancestral patterning can look like generations of unaddressed addiction, emotional abuse, mental illness, money trauma, vulnerability blocks, and low self esteem. 

The deepest mission of my business, Grounding Down, is to help you remember your medicines. To remember your essence, your strength, and whats possible for you when you break the chains of trans-generational trauma and alchemize a life of healing, ease, and joy.

This program began as a way to give acknowledgement to ancestral pain, so much of which is often bypassed in our modern contexts. Many of us are not just anxious. Many of us are not just depressed. Many of us are walking around with unprocessed trauma from 3 generations ago, seeking a way to be expressed and released. The issue is that the lens of modern medicine only sees so deep, and without proper awareness, unprocessed trauma goes right into back into our legacies, our communities, and our children.

This course will not only excavate the ways you're carrying ancestral burdens, but equip you with actionable and traditional methods to start clearing these ancestral knots from your body, your mind, and the stories you tell to yourself.

Only after this mending of chasms between ourselves and the ancestral pain we hold, can we start to heal and honor the wisdom of our ancestors. 

The second half of the course is dedicated to the soothing and closing of wounds, of authentic veneration, and tactical ways you can start connecting with your unique ancestral practices. 

Colonialism fucked us ALL up. And while  if you identify as a white person with little to no connection to your roots, or don't know where to start...honey. That's colonialism in a nutshell, and you are not alone.

 I'm here to help you dig deep. 

To help excavate and vascularize your root system. 

And to help you remember your medicines.

Curious if this space is for you? Here are a few reasons you may feel called to this work.

You are on a journey of self love, observation, self inquiry, and decolonizing.

You are inspired by the idea of connecting to your roots and learning how to honor your ancestors

You are getting a lot of "hints" to connect with your ancestors

You intuit that your healing is also the world's healing

You feel like you have been chosen to break generational cycles, traumas, and curses

You are ready to detangle your imposter syndrome, scarcity mindset, toxic productivity, martyrdom, and all other wounds tied to colonialism

You understand that through this healing, you can become The Ancestor that makes healing, freedom, and reclamation possible for the next 7 generations.

Inside this container I work with people who

Are emotionally and spiritually self aware

Have a working awareness of their ancestral patterns

Are emerging forces of leadership and healing in their communities

 BIPOC who are holding the medicine for their lineage

White allies who are aware of their privilege and are doing "the work"

Are vocalizing, initiating, and advocating for social & racial justice

Are ready to invest their time, energy, and resources into this work.


Your Instructors

Nataline Cruz

Nataline Ruth Cruz is a practitioner of Ancestral Medicine, Sacred Teachings, and many other healing modalities. 

She is a Shamanic practitioner, learning from great teachers in the Andean and Mexica traditions, Ancient Teachings from places like India, and is a Maya Priest initiated and sponsored by the Maya Nation, in Guatemala.

She has been practicing Curanderismo, Ancestral Medicine, Energy Healing & other modalities for many years now learning from her elders in the Mexica/Aztec traditions in Meso-American Massage, and other healing modalities. She has also spent time studying with Curanderos from CEDEHC (Centro de Desarrollo Humano hacia la Comunidad) in Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.

Everything Nataline manifests is intended to help others acclimate and adapt to this rapid shift and help integrate the energies we are receiving from the Universe. “This is a time of great awakening. I am on a mission to help liberate and free you from the Illusion of who you think you are…”

Rosie Llewellyn

 Rosie Llewellyn, is a Haitian - American artist, author, yoga teacher, and sustainability leader inspired by the beauty + abundance of our natural world.

Often immersed in the mountains, chasing sunlight and calling it poetry, Rosie aims to bridge the elements of playful movement, creativity, and earth wisdom to advocate for a sustainable way of life in thriving balance with our planet. 

She currently resides in Jacmel, Haiti pursuing reforestation efforts. As the walker of two worlds, Rosie’s wish is to create space that will nourish seeds of growth and transformation that blossom and inspire a lifestyle for you to follow your joy.

Shannon Leigh O'Neill Loyola

is an intuitive and empathic based energy worker with over twelve years of professional experience in New York City. Her  energy work fostered her expansion as  a medical intuitive and  psychic medium. Shannon was attuned as an Independent Reiki Master in 2007 and later attuned in the styles of Ascension, and Karuna Ki Reiki. In 2018 she was attuned to 13th Octave LaHoChi and in 2019 the Munay Ki Rites.

When not contemplating The Universe,  she enjoys Sci-Fi tv shows, urban fantasy novels, and dancing with her girlfriends.  

Davidia Turner

Davidia is here to support your innate capacity for deep self healing and empowerment through my work as a Yoga & Embodiment Teacher & Intuitive Tarot Reader & Teacher. She believes in teaching Yoga and Reading Tarot in a way that serves to create a context for Healing, Alignment, Connection and Expansion. Teaching others to use the feedback they receive from the body and the cards to gain clarity and presence. Her work is informed by over nine years of professional experience with holding space for others and years of my own personal & continuous study & work with her Teachers, Spirit, Ancestors, & Guides.

Lisa Martinez

Lisa’s family roots are from Arroyo Seco in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado where curanderismo was and is still very much alive. Lisa’s grandmothers were her biggest influences, each of them providing her with teachings that she has used throughout her life. Her fondest memories always take her to the high desert mountains of New Mexico where there are hidden water falls and the pueblos of not so distant ancestors can be seen on the horizon. She also remembers the smell of the rich black soils of the San Juan’s reminding her of walks with one her grandmothers. 

Lisa is board certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, an unlicensed Psychotherapist registered with the State of Colorado and a certified NADA Acu-Detox Specialist. She is a student of La Maestra Clarissa Pinkola Estés and has attended many years of her trainings via the Archetypal and Cross-Cultural Studies Institute. 

Dulcinea Moran

Dulcinea Rosalie Moran has been a daily yogic practitioner for years, and is highly devoted to all the limbs of the path of Yoga. Originally self-taught, Dulcinea has since become a dedicated student of Greta Hill in her Rasa Yoga classes, as well as of Troy Lucero in his Ashtanga Mysore-style independent study at Acme Yoga Project. Extending gratitude to her teachers is highly important to Dulcinea in her daily Sadhana, always remembering that she is a student first before she steps in to the seat of the teacher each day. Dulcinea earned her 200-hour teacher certification from Greta Hill’s Rasa Yoga Training at Bala Yoga in February of 2019.

Morgan Rodriguez

Morgan is an ancestral lineage healer, traditional birth worker, community consejera, and folk herbalist per her Mexica indigenous traditions.

She has been guiding ancestral healing and pattern reclamation for many years, but has been able to professionally focus and hone this work through 'Be A Better Ancestor' for the past 2 years. She has supported hundreds of people in their intergenerational healing through her workshops, retreats, and courses. She is thilled you're considering joining the upcoming cohort of BABA, and can't wait to meet you.



We begin our journey by diving into YOU. Your center, your source, your nectar. I support you as we reflect on what brought you to ancestral work, what your relationship with your self is like, and what ancestral knots you're consciously ready to untangle.


existing ancestors

Together we map out your ancestral tree, as far as we can go. You will observe any "loops" or patterns of trauma, circumstance, outside influences, immigration, enslavement, genocide, intersects of race & capitalism, and colonialism.


ancestral channeling session

We will enter into a deep co-mediation where we channel your ancestors for an uninterrupted hour. This is where your ancestors often affirm you in your work, give you "tips" and "nudges," unveil wisdom you're ready to hear, and offer spiritual assignments. 


ritual, ceremony, and honoring the ancestors

I support you in honoring your ancestors, their journey, and their work as it is expressed through your  healing. Drawing from your unique cultural background, we explore the many ways to build an altar space, establish devotional rituals, and create space for the sacred in your life.


social justice & ancestral legacy

This week we get real on decolonizing yourself and your wellness, and develop personalized ways to start reindigenizing your earth walk for your ancestors.


legacy, strategy, and sustainable connection

In the closing module we reflect as a cohort on the work that has been accomplished, the healing that is taking place, and how to carry on this work into your future and for all your progeny.


What veterans are saying

Dates & Timing

Tuesday, November 14th, 2022 - February, 21st 2023

Off week will be December 19th, 2022- January 2nd, 2023.

Group calls will be held every other Tuesday night, 5:30-7:00 mst

Guest speakers will be every other Thursday night, 5:30-7:00 mst

Private mentorship calls will be held on the in between weeks.

Private Mentorship 

As a student of Be A Better Ancestor, it's our promise that you'll walk away with a robust skillset on ways to navigate your ancestral healing, give acknowledgement to trans-generational trauma, reclaim the healing and abundance deserving to your lineage, develop nourishing and authentic ways to venerate your ancestors, and create a sustainable framework to continue ancestral healing for yourself, your work, and your greater communities. 

If you're IN for all of this, and know you'd benefit from deeper calibers of support and are ready to receive high level coaching through your individual ancestral healing journey, high level mentorship with Morgan is available to add onto your enrollment. 

Those who opt for private mentorship typically report higher satisfaction in their work and a tangible sense of "completion" and resolve in working on their ancestral healing. 

Private mentees receive a 1:1 hour long call on the "in between" weeks of this courses, highly individualized resource access, and weekly voxer availability to walk you through those big spiritual downloads. This is the place where digging deeper, unearthing that ancestral scar tissue, and excavating your golden essence really happens.

If you thrive in a one to one healing space and are excited about having a focused, dedicated sounding board in your corner and in your back pocket, this is the investment  for you <3


Base rate (all calls, group coaching, & resources)- $1,975

High level  private mentorship rate ( all calls & resources + private mentorship)- $2300 

payment plans available


 Submit your $500 deposit to claim your spot



Grounding Down is dedicated to supporting its BIPOC applicants and healers through our newly founded Alyssa Gunn Maldonado scholarship fund. The Grounding Down team is 100% self-employed and we have families to support, as well as instructors and guest speakers who need to be compensated, who are also supporting their families. At this time we are able to offer scholarships up to 20% off enrollment, and will continue to seek donors and sponsorship so we can offer larger scholarships in the future.

If you would like to apply for the Alyssa Gunn Maldonado partial scholarship, click here!

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