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Be A Better Ancestor is a 12 week, intimate journey between you and the origin of your power. 

You are on a journey of self love, observation, and inquiry

You are inspired by the idea of connecting to your roots and learning how to honor your ancestors

You are getting a lot of "hints" to connect with your ancestors

You intuit that your healing is also the world's healing

You feel like you have been chosen to break generational cycles, traumas, and curses

You are ready to detangle your imposter syndrome, scarcity mindset, toxic productivity, martyrdom, and all other wounds tied to colonialism

You understand that through this healing, you can become The Ancestor that makes healing, freedom, and reclamation possible for the next 7 generations.

Are emotionally and spiritually self aware

Have a working awareness of their ancestral patterns

Are emerging forces of leadership and healing in their communities

 BIPOC who are holding the medicine for their lineage

White allies who are aware of their privilege and are doing "the work"

Are vocalizing, initiating, and advocating for social & racial justice

Are ready to invest their time, energy, and money




We begin our journey by diving into YOU. Your center, your source, your nectar. I support you as we reflect on what brought you to ancestral work, what your relationship with your self is like, and what ancestral knots you're consciously ready to untangle.



existing ancestors

Together we map out your ancestral tree, as far as we can go. You will observe any "loops" or patterns of trauma, circumstance, outside influences, immigration, enslavement, genocide, intersects of race & capitalism, and colonialism.



ancestral channeling session

We will enter into a deep co-mediation where we channel your ancestors for an uninterrupted hour. This is where your ancestors often affirm you in your work, give you "tips" and "nudges," unveil wisdom you're ready to hear, and offer spiritual assignments. 



guest presenters 

I always supplement this course with experts that can help expand your perspective of ancestral work, decolonizing yourself for optimal psychosomatic healing, and tap into invisible realms of energy. Every cohort is different, but in the past we have hosted:

Shannon Leigh O'Neil Loyola- Reiki Master & Akashic Healer

Nathalie Farfan- Decolonial Educator & Founder of Las Brujas Club

Akika Ganyu- Ancient Medicine Woman Sound Healing



ritual, ceremony, and honoring the ancestors

I support you in honoring your ancestors, their journey, and their work as it is expressed through your  healing. Drawing from your unique cultural background, we explore the many ways to build an altar space, establish devotional rituals, and create space for the sacred in your life.



social justice & ancestral legacy

This week we get real on decolonizing yourself and your wellness, and develop personalized ways to start reindigenizing your earth walk for your ancestors.



legacy, strategy, and sustainable connection

In the closing module we reflect as a cohort on the work that has been accomplished, the healing that is taking place, and how to carry on this work into your future and for all your progeny.


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$2375 paid in full

$792 // month

$197 // weekly

 Submit your $500 deposit to claim your spot

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