With elation, reverence, and nostalgia, I'd like to finally share the last installment of Del Cuerpo.

For those of you who are new to this, I began this project over a year ago with the intention to explore the body. A simple aesthetic curiosity changed the series from some impulsive studio photos, to a full on outdoor circus. For a 12-week period, twenty something people trusted me enough to let me drag them to the strangest and most unconventional locations, and photograph them in one a historically vulnerable moment. I exist in constant awe. Their bravery and ability to so fully share themselves with us is what truly makes this project meaningful. I was so fortunate to witness it.

This third installment was particularly challenging. Without the crutches of studio lighting and monochromatic effects, I approached the same subject matter with a different set of tools. There were several moments where I felt profoundly lost, and couldn't determine how to proceed. I'd like to think that was the project's subtle way of demanding my deeper thinking. While this is an end to a project that was largely synonymous with my college years, I'm eager to continue deepening my craft, and lean into the stranger stuff that I often refrain from indulging in.

This was an adventure. Thank you, truly, to all of those who have been here to see it. 

Spring of 2015.

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