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Practicing with Morgan feels like coming home to my body. I've been choosing to work with her for 4 years now, and I intend to choose to work with her for as long as she gives offerings. In my experience practicing yoga and meditation, I have encountered teachers who assert that there is a "right" and a "wrong" way to practice. I choose to practice with Morgan because that binary is thrown out. Morgan has taught me to instead ask myself the question, "what do you need in this moment?" She has helped me answer that question each and every time by offering safe, creative, dynamic sequences that prioritize breath. Classes range from restorative and relaxing to strengthening and edge-pushing, and everywhere in between. And no matter the class, I always feel held, supported, and seen by Morgan. I feel free and at home in my body, by intuitively listening to it with her guidance ushering me on. 

These qualities shine through in her virtual teachings as well as her live ones. Having her vast array of online classes to choose from has helped me to continue to remember, to rediscover even, the unfettered joy I feel when practicing yoga. Virtual teachings will never replace live ones, but damn, if there's anyone I would take a virtual class from, it is her. Even though you are not in the same room as her, she is always open to feedback, suggestions, and communication with the people who participate. She is not just a producer who delivers her product to consumers, but rather someone who, with her offerings, stirs, inspires, and interacts with the community. When I practice with Morgan I feel I'm part of something bigger, while also feeling like I am fully inhabiting myself and honoring my needs. 

-Jennifer Kullby

I was immediately drawn to Morgan as an instructor, not only because she is a fellow woman of color, but also because she exudes a welcoming, gentle, and non-judgmental energy.  As a mixed Black woman who has been practicing yoga for nearly a decade, it was amazing to FINALLY see a safe space for myself. Yoga (especially yin yoga) and the meditative practices she has taught throughout all of her classes has helped me to ground myself.  I can more easily tune into my body and her needs without judgment.  Not only that, I feel that I can better respond to and honor those needs.  If you're on the fence about working with Morgan I say, take the plunge and trust your instinct.  You wouldn't be drawn to potentially working with Morgan if there wasn't a "there" there.  Morgan is gentle, welcoming, and an amazing wealth of knowledge about the practice of yoga.  She is strong in her convictions and views, but never makes anyone feel unwelcome, and never talks down to anyone.  I truly believe Morgan is invested in being a healing force within our community and have seen this manifested in my own life, as I explained above.  I'd recommend working with Morgan to anyone! 

- Kiki Council

I have been working with Morgan since 2016, and she has opened my eyes to new paths of discovery about myself, others and the world around me. Through working with her I’ve discovered new depths in energy work and how it allows me to dig deeper and  direct that energy within and without myself. Morgan is a gentle, wise and brave soul with offerings for your body, mind and spirit.  My trust in her guidance is complete.  If you wish to expand your knowledge of yourself, those in your life, and the world around you and you are committed to that work, I encourage you to begin or continue your journey with Morgan.

-Christine Monroe

Morgan's yoga classes, workshops, and other offerings are deep personal learning experiences where she provides opportunities to open up your mind and body and experience connection with the lovely community she has grown. I began practicing with Morgan almost five years ago when I first began my yoga practice. In her classes I grew in connection to my body and breath while getting my butt kicked in some incredibly invigorating vinyasa flows and some juicy yin classes. Morgan interweaves movement, breath, philosophy, humor, and vulnerability into everything that she offers. As a student, this means I always leave Morgan's classes and workshops with an expanded sense of gratitude for my body, a deeper appreciation for this earth, and new knowledge of what it means to practice yoga. I cannot recommend Morgan enough -whether that is her online membership where she offers a beautiful variety of video classes, to the workshops and Womxn's circle that foster a deep sense of connection and unity in our yoga community. I have so much love and appreciation for every single class I have taken over the last 5 years with Morgan, and I am so excited every time I am able to step onto my mat and learn something new from this incredible teacher.

- Dot Walch

Having the opportunity to practice with and learn from Morgan has been one of the best things to happen to my yoga practice. Morgan's yoga and meditation offerings are authentic and intuitive - they warm you in the winter, cool you in the summer, ground you in autumn, and revitalize you in spring. They are whole and holistic. The element that I love most about practicing with Morgan is the pace at which she guides. It's slow. It's juicy. There's never a rush. As a result, time and all other of life's craziness seem to slow too. Magical! I have deep gratitude and admiration for the love, dedication and wisdom she is putting into ensuring equity, access, truth and justice within the yoga community.

-Celine Wuarin 

Morgan is incredibly intentional about her practice, how she presents it, where and how she focuses and centers it, and the way she uses yoga to be a more well-rounded, responsible, autonomous being on this earth. She centers a lot of her practice around social justice which is incredibly important to me, and amazing to see her approach social responsibility through yoga. It's the perfect alchemy of things I love.I've been telling all my friends about Morgan and how much I love her membership program. I'm about to begin Be a Better Ancestor with her and fully trust her to guide me and support me in my own healing and growing journey. If you care about social justice, want to learn more, want to connect more with yourself, deepen your relationships, support a badass Brown woman, or just generally feel better, PUT YOUR TRUST IN MORGAN. Do it. I know this is a cliche phrase but here it comes: "If you're not doing yoga with Morgan you're truly missing out!" 

-Sydni Zammaron

I first started working with Morgan via yoga in 2016. I was drawn to her energy and her ability to create a space where I could feel myself. There was a feeling of freedom in her classes I didn’t know I was craving. She is a badass woman and she inspired me to explore more of that feeling in myself. Her presence and yoga flows felt vulnerable, empowering, and safe. Her knowledge of yoga was evident and felt natural. She inspired personal exploration off the mat. As a human, Morgan has an innate ability to connect with nature’s gifts and share them in an accessible way with those of us who don’t feel that connection as strongly. MORGAN IS CONNECTED, AND YOU FEEL THAT IN EVERY INTERACTION WITH HER. Morgan’s greatest offering to me – her willingness to share her knowledge of healing the human mind body and soul through spiritual connection. If you’re on the fence about working with Morgan, you most likely are on the verge of a breakthrough that will change your life. It may be scary and uncomfortable, but it will open pathways that are currently blocked. What you are seeking, is seeking you. Dive into working with Morgan and explore the results for many years to come. 

- Cortni Crawley

It is a rare joy to find a yoga teacher who so perfectly aligns with not just your personal yoga style, but aligns with you on an even deeper spiritual and philosophical level.  Morgan is this teacher for me and her presence in my life has been invaluable. Her creativity translates onto the mat in the fun and unique flows she builds. No two classes are the same. Her lifelong learning translates onto the mat as well. Over the years her classes have evolved into ever growing knowledge of the body, of yogic styles and traditions, and of yoga in its larger cultural context. Each time I leave my mat, not only do I feel incredible in my mind and body, but I leave with a readiness to show up in the world as a better person.  I can’t wait to see what lies ahead! Thank you Morgan. 

- Magali Wuarin

Morgan is an extraordinary contribution to our world at large. Not only are her offerings transformational, but she has a way of honoring the earth, honoring her students, honoring herself and setting an example for others to do the same. I was drawn to work with Morgan after hearing praise from close friends about the presence she brings to her yoga classes. As someone with a busy mind, it can sometimes be a challenge for me to find ease and comfort during group practice. Attending Morgan's classes immediately gave me access to peace and also to a deeper spiritual connection with myself that was palpable. To this day, I can feel it in my muscles when I practice with her--a certain lightness and somatic release happens with her guidance. Her voice brings calm, her details bring clarity, her heart invites freedom. I have continued working with Morgan because she makes me feel seen, nurtured and called into my power as a yogi and as an ally fighting for justice. I cherish her as my teacher, as my friend and as an advocate for the betterment of humanity. If you are seeking an avenue to embody freedom, power, creativity and compassion, Morgan Rodriguez is the one for you. 

-Faith Lee

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